Mollie the Mini-Poodle

Molly the Mini-Poodle

“All Star Dog Trainers saved my marriage! Several months after my husband reluctantly agreed to another dog, he looked at me and said, “We need to do something about Molly’s behavior.” Our dog-training search brought us to Tara, who worked with Molly. The transformation from an out-of-control dog to a well-behaved Molly is absolutely amazing. When I walk her, I …

Emmie the Golden

Emmie the Golden Retriever

“All Star Dog Trainers work with our dog Emmie has helped us build a wonderful relationship with our pet and taught us to be responsible pet owners. Tara endured us gently and with great patience during our training sessions. She is kind and thoughtful, but she holds high expectations for both the dogs she trains and their owners, teaching the …

Maggie the Boxer

Maggie the Boxer

“If Maggie didn’t have a scar on her leg from her surgery we would have thought our crazy dog got swapped out for a different, well behaved one! Maggie has stopped pulling on the leash, counter surfing, destroying the baby’s toys, and jumping on the furniture! Maggie is a total All Star!!”

Keanu the Great Dane

Keanu the Great Dane

“I just picked up Keanu from board and train. He is doing great thank you All Star Dog Trainers for all your hard work. I would totally recommend All Star Dog Trainers!”

Alvin the Boxer/Malinois Mix

Alvin the Boxer/Malinois

“My experience with All Star Dog Trainers was fantastic! I thought my 7.5 year old dog (Alvin) was too old to change. I was wrong. My only regret is waiting so long to call and enroll. We both learned a lot and now have confidence in each other. I find myself walking the dog more often just to show him …

Bond the German Shepherd

Bond the German Sheppard

“Tara is AMAZING!!! She helped us out with our incredibly dog-aggressive puppy. We couldn’t take him on walks without him going nuts when he saw other dogs. After we got him back, he can walk past any dog and is PERFECT! He doesn’t even acknowledge their presence. She’s a miracle worker! We just sent our second dog to train with …