Mollie the Mini-Poodle

Molly the Mini-Poodle

All Star Dog Trainers saved my marriage! Several months after my husband reluctantly agreed to another dog, he looked at me and said, “We need to do something about Molly’s behavior.” Our dog-training search brought us to Tara, who worked with Molly. The transformation from an out-of-control dog to a well-behaved Molly is absolutely amazing. When I walk her, I no longer feel as if I am flying a kite. I am in charge, and Molly walks behind at my left heel and stops and sits whenever I stop. When someone comes to the door, Molly places on her board and stays until she is given the break command. When I have her off leash in our yard, she comes immediately to a “Molly, come.” and sits in front of me. Although she still cannot resist dancing when she sees someone she loves , a simple “Molly, off.” stops the jumping but not the tail wagging.

Tara not only trained Molly to be a great dog, she also helped us to become responsible dog owners. I cannot say enough about Tara’s knowledge of dog behavior and her wonderful rapport with dogs and dog owners. Whenever I become anxious over Molly’s behavior, Tara would offer sound advice and reassurance. I enthusiastically recommend Tara as an excellent, knowledgeable dog trainer and a delightful person.”