Summer Safety For Your All Star Dog

The Florida heat is back in full force this summer, and with it comes the danger of heat stroke in our favorite four legged friends.

Heat stroke is the number one killer in dogs during the summer months because it can occur suddenly and requires immediate intervention to treat. When a dog begins to over heat it is imperative that you lower their body temperature before rushing to the vet, as the drive there could take too long.

But what are the signs of heat stroke in dogs? Dogs that are beginning to overheat will often pant or drool excessively, seem lethargic or “out of it”, and some dogs will even lose control of their bladder or vomit.

So what should you do when your dog starts showing signs of overheating? A lot of people think pouring cold water over your dog or giving them ice water to drink, but in reality this drastic change in temperature can cause your dog’s body to go into shock.

The safest way to cool your pup down is to wipe some rubbing alcohol on their pads and under their arms, and give them some cool water from the tap.

Once he’s cooled off some we recommend giving your pup some pedialyte to regain any missing electrolytes.

The best way to stop heat stroke in your dog is to PREVENT heat stroke in your dog. If you’re going to be doing things outside make sure he has a spot of shade to lay in and some cool water always available. If your dog enjoys swimming, keep a small puppy pool full of water for him to play in!