Get you and your new pup off on the right paw with some one on one time with a trainer. With puppies we focus on socialization skills, manners, mouthiness, and potty training.
In Level 1 Obedience All Star Dog Trainers teach handlers how to develop a stronger relationship with our dogs, the basic commands of come, sit, down, place, heel, and the balance between reward and feedback with our dog.
In Level 2 Obedience All Star Dog Trainers help you and your dog to perfect the 5 Basic commands (come, sit, down, place, heel) and the ability to perform them with distractions including passing people, bikes, skateboards, and other dogs. The goal of Level 2 Obedience is to pass the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Test.
All Star Dog Trainers also offer training programs for Service Dogs and Working Dogs. We have trainers who are experienced in training PTSD support dogs, Diabetic alert dogs, emotional support dogs, and dogs for children with Autism. Please call our office to discuss any specifics on our service dog programs.

All Star Dog Trainers also offers protection dog training, scent work, and agility training.

Unfortunately All Star Dog Trainers does not offer training for Seizure Alert Dogs or Seeing Eye Dogs at this time.

This involves training dogs and their handlers to deal with resource, dog, and people aggression. Behavior Modification also helps to build confidence in insecure and fearful dogs and teaches handlers an advanced understanding of dog psychology and body language.